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barti.maharashtra.gov.in – Check Status Caste Validity Certificate Verification Pune Maharashtra

barti.maharashtra.gov.in – Caste Certificate Verification BARTI pune nasik

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute (BARTI), Pune is an autonomous organization under Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Govt. of Maharashtra.

How to apply ?

Students can apply online through barti.maharashtra.gov.in website. After opening the website you will find a link with title CCVIS. Click on the link to start the application process

barti.maharashtra.gov.in – Caste Certificate Verification BARTI pune nasik

On-line Check Status of Caste Validity Certificate Verification Pune

Please enter minimum 3 characters of surname and caste, then select the committee name and Click on search button. After clicking on search button, a list of names will be shown from which find your name and click on Your Name, Your Status Of Case will be shown on screen.


Check Status of Cast Certificate Validation  Check Application Status For Cast Certificate Verification Process  Verification of Cast Validity Pune On-line Status

More Information:

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